Joannel Escribano, these days known as "Escribano", takes his first steps in Valladolid, Spain DJing at various university parties in the city playing RnB, Funk and Hip Hop. During these two years Escribano had the opportunity to open his mind to several styles of music playing for a very diverse audience at different nightclubs. However Escribano decide to pursue his passion, Electronic Music.


In 2005 he became serious about his career as DJ and maintained his residence for a year at a small nightclub until he decided to leave in order to run his own sessions to a larger audience at different clubs and bars in the city. Escribano spent 4 years playing at the most popular nightclubs not only in Valladolid but across different cities in northern Spain. As a result he has become a well-known artist in the area.


Escribano has played at popular Clubs in the region such as Bar Sotabanco, Mangú te Baila. Mentidero, Soley, Danzzatoria, Tintin Club, Capitan Garfio, Eleven Club, Bagur Disco, La Lola Club, La Española, Feeling Café, Avec Moi Café, We Coffea&Copas, Versus, Club OHM, Nautico y Show Fame Disco just to name a few.

In 2007 Escribano decided to move to Benidorm (Alicante, Spain) in order to play for a different audience and to strengthen his DJ skills. During this time Escribano worked at the most prestigious clubs in Benidorm, KU BENIDORM and PENELOPE Club. By working at these clubs Escribano had the opportunity to work with well-known Spanish DJs and Escribano took this opportunity to gain solid music skills required by the music industry and as a result taking his career to a next level. In 2010 Escribano decided to move to Madrid in order to study Electronic Music production at School of Sound & Video of Madrid.


In 2011 Escribano worked as a resident DJ at KU Benidorm Lounge located on the famous Benidorm’s promenade. In 2012, he decided to travel to Ibiza and since then the “white Island” became his residence. Escribano began DJing at the renowned Giuseppe Cipriani restaurant "Downtown Ibiza" and during this period, Escribano has become the resident DJ at this glamorous club-restaurant during the summer season. Since Escribano moved to Ibiza he has been DJing around Spain at several nightclubs. He has also done “warm ups” for numerous legendary artist such as Luciano, Marco Carola, Sven Väth, Pete Tong, Fat Boy Slim, Reboot, Andrea Oliva, Dj Chus, Joseph Capriati, Ismael Rivas, Oscar de Rivera, Cristian Varela, Audiofly, Oriol Calvo, The Zombie Kids and many more.


During the winter season in Ibiza, Escribano can be found at “Booom Ibiza” also owned by Giuseppe Cipriani. The winter period is when Escribano spends time as a music producer. Even though the DJ understands he is in the early stages of his career as a music producer, he has made few remixes that did not get released.


However Escribano released his song "Jucaro" by record label "Stereo Productions", a renowned brand in the field of electronic music. A few months later Escribano released the track “Almibar Recordings” by record label "Stereo Productions". His track "tech Hop" by record label "Almibar Recording" reached the Top 20 at Traxsource charts.

Since 2015 he is CEO & Founder of "Confederation Records". Music records label based in Ibiza and Amsterdam.


Escribano’s music style has been influenced by his Cuban origins and also by the style called “Iberican sound”, a very characteristic electronic music style from Spain. His music is full of energy and vibrant rhythms where Escribano has been able to combine his background music style with the current sounds in the Island of Ibiza. Therefore Escribano’s music style can be defined as House music with Tribal connotations and an underground touch.


Escribano’s goal for the near future is to be one of the most influential resident DJ in Ibiza panorama. He is also working among the best people on the island to become a well-recognised music producer in the next few years, as numerous record labels have shown interest in the Cuban-Spanish DJ, Escribano.